DIY Remedies to Fix Your Air Conditioner

Jacksonville Air Conditioning Repair Specialists

When air conditioners start to malfunction there are a variety of things a homeowner can do on their own. First things first. If the problem that has been detected is that the unit has stopped blowing cold air, check the following:

  1. Check the Breaker. If it is tripped, reset it.
  2. Check the Air Handler (inside unit) to see if it is running.
  3. Check the Condenser (outside unit) to see if it is running.
  4. Check the Thermostat to see if you’re getting a reading.

What If:

The Evaporator coil is frozen: It will need to thaw before it will work again.

If it is frozen:

  1. Shut the system off
  2. Leave the fan running

Shutting the system off will cause the frozen ice, which has accumulated to melt. Depending on your system set up, the standing water will go to the drain.  In other scenarios, this may not be an option.

Next Step:  Give TemperaturePro of NEFL a call and we will get you back up and running in no time.

There may be additional issues that could cause a cold air failure and we have listed some of the causes and remedies:

  1. Air Filters
    Dirty air filter(s) and your unit may have more than one, need to be changed at the manufacturers recommended scheduled time frames. Also, certain units require specific air filters that are made especially for your unit so buying cheaper, less expensive air filters, that might be the right size but not the right product to allow your unit to operate at peak performance. Dirty, clogged or improperly designed air filters will place a strain on the air handler and may cause the unit to freeze up because the right amount of air flow is not being conducted.
  2. Outside Unit
    The outside unit is called a condenser and is designed to transfer air to the inside unit. Check the condenser outside which has what is called a condensing coil and needs to be free of dirt, dust and debris to operate efficiently. Most outside units collect a fair amount of particles that can interfere with the units performance. Additionally, the fins or what looks like a giant fan blade might be bent and this can cause the unit to malfunction. If you suspect the unit has been damaged in any way the best thing to do is to call a professional HVAC contractor who can remedy the situation without causing further harm and costly damage. TemperaturePro of NEFL has skilled technicians to troubleshoot any problem.
  3. Compressor Problems
    This component is the heart and soul of an air conditioning or heat pump unit. The compressor circulates compressed gas refrigerant between the outside condenser and the inside evaporator coils in the air handler. If this unit has gone bad then the whole system is non-operational and chances are the compressor will need to be replaced.
  4. Leaking Refrigerant
    This is the most complicated part for laymen to understanding on just how air conditioners work. Heat is actually absorbed from the outside air by a refrigerant gas. If there is a crack or leak in the system and the refrigerant is low there will not be enough of the substance to absorb enough heat to cool the air. Signs of a leak could be one of many issues including lack of cold air blowing, ice build-up on the outside unit, or hearing hissing or bubbling noises coming from the line could spell trouble. Licensed professional HVAC contractors can detect this issue and have the experience and know how to fix it quite easily. Its more than just adding more refrigerant in most cases because the gas should not dissipate except over time.
  5. Fan Motor Stopped Working
    If the fan motor isn’t working or is shutting on and off then the condenser can’t dissipate the heat which prevents the unit from cooling. Fan motor failure is a common event on older units and is quite easily fixed. Again, make sure the correct size is purchased and installed to prevent the motor from burning out and thus starting the problem all over again.

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